D2200   - The 2 Can Talk 2® Telephone! Deluxe Euro Style 2 Handset Telephone Designed for Interpretation. 3 Built in Memory Keys! Optional Storage Bag Available(sold separately)

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Key Features

  • Now with MicroBlockTM Protection (Antibacterial Surface Protection)
  • Patented Volume Plus Button designed with features for the hearing impaired aiding 70% of elderly patients with high-frequency hearing loss (the Boost Button increases volume range to 27.5db)

  • Built in CLEARING AID® circuitry automatically adjusts frequency response for improved clarity. This is an aid to 70% of Patients with high-frequency hearing loss.

  • Designed with twin handsets the 2 Can Talk ™ telephone ensures privacy during conference calls, in-house interpreting, or while using a language interpretation service. Each user has a separate handset for confidential communication.

  • Perfect in Labor and Delivery Rooms to allow both parents to simultaneously be on the phone.
  • Clear Ear Sound
  • Easy to wipe down, sleek profile, Lite Touch Keypad with No Wear / Non Rub Off keys
  • Flash Button
  • Free Faceplate Customization
  • High Luster, Euro Style, Rugged ABS cabinet with High Durability Components
  • Rotary Handset Volume Control plus additional Volume Plus Button on Base
  • Very Large Faceplate Area
  • Extra Long Fully Modular Cords
  • Dual Handset Interpreter Phone ideally suited for a Phone Interpreter
  • "Super Bright" Ringer/Message Indicator Light
  • CLEARING AID® Circuitry

  • ABS cabinet. Total Telephone weight 2.5lbs.
  • Built in speakerphone with automatic differential balancing; >80 dB receive to transmit.
  • Extra Heavy, Non-Slip Base provides a solid look and feel
  • One Year Warranty
  • Three Memory Buttons with Non-Volatile Permanent Memory. No Battery Needed.
  • Two Headset Connections with Separate Volume Controls.