Products including; 1-Piece Phones, Deskset Phones, Trimline Phones, Bedrail Phones and clips, and VoIP/SIP Digital Phones

Med-Pat produces high-quality phones for hospitals. We design and manufacture high-quality phones that stand up to the rough environment found in hospitals as well as hotel/guest rooms. If you are looking to buy hospital phones or buy VoIP telephones, please review our products listed on this page.
Med-Pat phones are the best telephones for hospital and guest rooms.

1-Piece Phones that simplify Patients needs. Most also use Bed-Rail clips to keep phones closer to Patients and ease their access and comfort.

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XL2050 - One-Piece Telephone with Extra Large On/Off Push Button
XL22 - Sleek Style Telephone, Fits On Most Hospital Bed Rail with Holder H-22(sold separately)
XL301 - Value Priced One-Piece Telephone with Custom Insert
XL303 - Convenient One-Piece Design with Custom Insert
XL3060 - Hot Color! Feature Packed! Great Value! Largest Customized Insert on the Market
XL88JB - Value Priced One-Piece Telephone
XL88M3 - One-Piece Telephone with Three Programmable Buttons
XL88Q - Most Widely Used One-Piece Telephone in Hospitals Today with Patented Extra Loud-Extra Clear Volume Boost
XL88WP - Water Resistant Phone for durability in a harsh cleaning environment

Deskset Phones that offer all the modern features needed in a Hospital environment. Most feature CLEARING AID® circuitry which automatically adjusts frequency response for improved clarity.

D2600C - Traditional Style Deskset phone updated with a ruggedized design and modern electronics.
D5000 Series - Deluxe Euro Style Two Line + Speaker Phone. Available in Beige and Black
D520 - Full Featured Console Telephone.
D5500 Series - Deluxe Euro Style Single Line Console Telephone. New and Improved! Extra Large Faceplate!Available in Beige and Black
D5700 Series - Deluxe Euro Style Full Duplex Speaker Console Telephone. Improved! Extra Large Faceplate Area! Available in Beige and Black
D6SP Series - Euro Style Full Featured Speaker Telephone with Dataport. Also available with 3 programmable keys! Available in Beige or Black
D800 Series - Single Line Analog Deskset Telephone

Bedrail Phones and Clips.

Bedrail Clip - Patented Bedrail Clip for One-Piece Telephones. Offers greater convenience to patient. Available in Black, Cream or White.
BR31 - Wall Clip - Wall mountable telephone holder
H22 - Bedrail Holder for Telephone Model XL-22
HO-100 - Adjustable Bedrail Holder
HO2 - Award Winning "Never Need to Replace" Bedrail Holder! Fits many Bedrails! Compatible with most Med-Pat One Piece Telephones
RH Series - Railhugger available in 3 widths to fit select Hill-Rom and Stryker Bedrails. Offers Patient Unparalleled Convenience.
RH-100A - Railhugger Style available in multiple widths to fit select Hill-Rom and Stryker Bedrails. Offers Patient Unparalleled Convenience.

Trimline Phones for when you need the features of a Deskset in a smaller form factor.

T1C - Sleek Value Priced Trimline Telephone
T2 - Budget Priced Trimline Telephone
T3 - All New Trimline
T4 - Our Latest Trimline
TL-420ML - Most Widely Used Trimline Telephone in America Today! Feature Packed! Available in Beige or Black
TL-460 - NEW! Hot Color! Feature Packed Trimline Telephone

Specialty Phones that are specific to your needs.

D2200 - The 2 Can Talk 2® Telephone! Deluxe Euro Style 2 Handset Telephone Designed for Interpretation. 3 Built in Memory Keys! Optional Storage Bag Available(sold separately)
D5810 - Digital Centrex Compatible Speakerphone
D800R - RED Emergency Single Line Analog Deskset Telephone
T4-R - RED Emergency Trimline Telephone

VoIP Telephones for modern Voice over IP communications. SIP/VoIP Phones for Hospital useage.

D2200IP - The 2 Can Talk 2® Telephone! Deluxe Euro Style 2 Handset Telephone Designed for Interpretation.
D5900 - Deluxe Power Over Ethernet Speakerphone
TL-IP - SIP VoIP Trimline Telephone!
XLIP - One-Piece SIP Telephone