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XL22   - Sleek Style Telephone, Fits On Most Hospital Bed Rail with Holder H-22(sold separately)

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Key Features

  • Built in CLEARING AID® circuitry automatically adjusts frequency response for improved clarity. This is an aid to 70% of Patients with high-frequency hearing loss.
  • Bright Day-Glow No Wear / Non Rub Off Keypad
  • Dual Tone Deep Pitch Adjustable IC Ringer
  • E-Z On/Off Push-Button Switch
  • Visual Ring Indicator Light
  • FCC Pt 68.317 Compatible
  • Fully Modular 13 Foot Cord
  • Full Bridge Circuitry
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • In-Use/Ringer Indicator Light
  • Ringer High/Med/Low
  • Variable Slide Volume Control (maximum amplification as allowed by law)
  • Braille Locator On #5 Key
  • True DTMF
  • FCC / ETL / UL approved