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Emergency Telephones for Hospitals

Emergency telephones in hospitals are phones that are specifically designed for use in a healthcare setting in case of an emergency. These phones are usually located in areas where there is a higher risk of accidents or emergencies, such as in patient rooms, hallways, and near elevators.

When a person uses an emergency phone in a hospital, they are typically connected directly to a hospital operator or a nurse's station. The operator or nurse can then dispatch appropriate emergency services, such as a code team or security personnel, depending on the nature of the emergency.

TL4 Red Emergency Phone

Emergency telephones in hospitals are usually mounted on a wall and are easily identifiable by their bright red color. They may be equipped with a speaker and microphone, or they may have a direct dial button that allows the user to dial a specific emergency number. Some emergency phones in hospitals also have a panic button that, when pressed, will automatically call for help without the user having to speak to an operator.

Emergency telephones in hospitals are an important safety feature, as they allow patients and healthcare workers to quickly and easily call for help in the event of an emergency. They can also serve as a deterrent to crime and help to ensure the safety and security of hospital staff and patients.

Our Emergency phones are land-line style as compared to many other offerings. Land-line style phones are Med-Pat's specialty. In a medical environment, our phones are replaced often making them virtually disposable phones. This helps your patients have top quality, clean and reliable phones that work as expected, especially in critical situation such as when emergency phones are needed

We offer two emergency telephones:

The T4-R which is a red Trimline emergency telephone.

The D800R is a Desktop emergency telephone.