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Translation Telephones

a Translation telephone is generally used in a service that allows people who speak different languages to communicate with each other over the phone. It works by connecting the two parties through an interpreter, who translates their conversations in real-time.

Translation telephones are often used in business settings, where individuals may need to communicate with clients or partners who speak a different language. They can also be useful for personal use, such as when traveling abroad and needing to communicate with locals or make phone calls back home.

There are several options for accessing translation telephone services. Some companies offer dedicated translation telephone lines that can be called directly, while others offer online platforms or mobile apps that allow users to connect with interpreters through their devices. In some cases, the service may be provided by a third-party vendor, while in others it may be offered directly by the phone company.

Translation telephone services can be very helpful in facilitating communication between individuals who speak different languages, but it's important to keep in mind that they are not perfect. Interpreters may not be able to translate everything exactly as it was said, and there may be some delay in the conversation as the interpreter relays the message between the two parties. Despite these limitations, translation telephone services can be an effective way to bridge language barriers and facilitate communication.

We offer two types of translation telephones:

The D2200 which is a multi-functional, two handset translation telephone.

The D2200IP that offers SIP / VoIP features as well as all the other features of our D2200 telephone.